Month: June 2015

Simply put, mastering is like icing on a cake. Who like’s cake without icing? Sure you can eat the cake by itself without the icing. They go hand and hand if you ask me. That’s how I look at mix and mastering. They both are important and needed when it comes to how good it’s going to sound overall. You don’t NEED mastering, but keep in mind that the greats get their songs properly mixed and mastered before they are heard by the world. If you want to make a good impression on people with your music you should highly consider mastering your tracks after they are mixed.


It’s obvious that most artist underestimate the importance of good sound quality and how it effects the listeners perception about them or their music. We only have one time at a first impression and we want to make it a good one. So before you release any of your tracks, make sure they are at least mastered properly so it’s pleasing to the listeners ears. If you need mastering feel free to send me your tracks and ill master them for you free of charge.


Here’s a video from engineer Chris Lee aka Tooney I came across explaining the importance of mastering more thoroughly.

Everybody has a fan base somewhere out there in the world. There are 7 billion people on earth, all you have to do is let them find you. The best way to connect with fans is to make good music. Focus on what your fans want and need. Connect with them through your music and just make good songs. Your fans will most likely be similar to you in what you like. What kind of music do you like to hear? What do you like to talk about?


Make music and put it out there so your fan base can find you. Don’t let your quality be the reason your not dropping new songs. If your quality is not perfect don’t stress about it, just continue making good songs. Your quality will get better over time as you learn more about the music industry.


Trends may be a  good way get you noticed and make a little extra money, but you must utilize them and not count on them to get you  “on” basically. It’s not hard to catch a trend hopper and people will notice if you don’t believe in your own music. Stick to what made you want to be an artist in the first place. Capture that energy and release it to the world so your fans can find you. Kendrick Lamar said it best in this video below. You don’t have to be the best lyricsist or story teller, it could just be the energy you bring that people need and want. Just make good music that people will enjoy!

A few people have been asking me how to make a website so they can completely go the independent route. I’m no genius at creating websites. I just know what I want and follow what works to get the best results. Here are a few step by step instructions on how I made my website.


1. Web Hosting – $10/Month [?]

2. Buy A Domain Name – $12.99/Year [?]

3. Download & Install WordPress – FREE [?]

4. Create A Website – FREE

You can download everything I used to make my website below.

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