Month: August 2015

Exclusive-BeatsExclusive beats are usually for signed artist or just the serious artist who have been making music for a while and I really focused on their careers. These rights allow artists to profit as much as they want, as long as they want, and also to have life long assets they can pass down to their children. Exclusive rights are for the business minded artist who are investing into more than just a song. They are acquiring assets.
After you make a song, and you own exclusive rights to that beat, you can make money with that one song for the rest of your life and your kids lives. Old CDs still sell today. Every song you make is an asset. I think of instrumentals and songs the same way I think of owning rental property that’s always putting money into your pocket.


If your on your grind and always promoting, you will eventually make your money back from what you spent on exclusive beats. Similar to buying property and renting it out, eventually making your money back from what you spent on that property. Feel me? After learning more about business i’ve grown to love the music business even more. Treat the music business as a real business, because it is. If you need any discounts on exclusive beats check out out my exclusive store.

BETO_BEATS_Free_Beat_Vault-front-largeFree beats are usually a way for producers to showcase their talent and expose their work to more people who may have not have heard of them. It’s a promotional tactic in which both producers and artist benefit. Now they aren’t free in the sense that they are yours and you own them, but you usually will have a free license to use them.


Free downloads (also known as Demo Downloads) are similar and in most cases they are strictly for demonstration purposes only. Producers usually make these available to artist who may want to record their vocals over the beat to preview before making a final decision on whether they wanted to buy it. Some producers allow you to use their demo downloads for non-profit use, but most producers require you to purchase a license before you release your song to the public.


They usually come with a basic license agreement. If your not familiar with what beat licenses are, I wrote a blog post about it here.


These are for artist who may be just starting their career or who may not have the money to purchase a license at the time. We all have lives and can use a break every now and then, that’s when free instrumentals can really be useful.

OnlineShopperMost of the time when you buy beats online, your not really buying BEATS, but instead you are buying LICENSES to use those beats.


These licenses are agreements between artists and producers about how many copies can be sold, what can be done with the final recording,
etc. So when you see “Basic Lease”, “Premium Lease”, “Unlimited Lease” etc. they are just different non-exclusive licenses/agreements you can purchase depending on what you need the beat for. Even in the case of purchasing exclusive rights, you are purchasing an exclusive license that will prevent any other artist from using that beat as well as be.


The agreements will vary depending on which producer it is, but generally speaking, this is what most producers are doing online. It’s only when you buy the copyright to a beat that you fully own that beat and it is fully yours. Meaning you could technically say you made the beat, not credit the producer, and it would all be legal because you own the copyright to the beat.


So that’s the reason why most producers subscribe to the licensing business model. Everybody gets what they want, it’s a win win for everybody trying to accomplish what they need to accomplish.