AnTBeatz is a young creative music producer, rapper, and songwriterp_c43Nxvw3gEHbQGwOeRM6saY_XsWNPT53h8SUum9Uk= from Fresno, California. Aside from music i'm also involved in web design, graphics, marketing and artist development. AnTBeatz developed his craft from scratch to a known name around the world.
As he had grown up around musically talented people music and tones cam e natural to him. To add to that he's been studying audio engineering for 2 years and has worked on various equipment. AnTBeatz believes he knows best when it comes to what artists really need in their beats to make their lyrics fit right in place!


Since early in 2003, AnTBeatz began making beats from scratch on FL studio 3 and rapping to them. He spent a lot of
time making beats and rapping with his friends at each others houses. At first he didn't take music seriously, he never even thought about what he was actually doing. Him and his friends were just rapping to his beats about stuff they did or were doing. After finally realizing that making music is what he really wanted to do in 2011, he's been making a name for himself in the music industry. He is extremely versatile. With over 10 years of experience he's knows a great deal about the music industry, today's music and media. He's known for making slaps and also known for being versatile, delivering high value every time at an affordable price.


So why should you invest in beats and buy them from AnTBeatz?
Answer: Be professional, own a license to officially sell your songs and make sure your quality is crisp! He really cares about professionalism. AnTBeatz is aware that any track you record to his beats could reflect on how high quality his work is. Every song should be high quality and pleasing to the listers. That first impression makes a difference in how people wil perceive your music.
Anyone that wants to be a professional singer, rapper or musician must understand that you need to keep up with the competition musically as a whole. If your quality isn't on point you've already lost or are just making it that much harder to be really heard. Also, if you plan to have long-term success you need to own the rights to sell your music to be professionally on track. That's where AnTBeatz comes into play as your source for a high quality sound with high quality production. He covers a wide variety of genres such as r&b, trap, hip-hop, pop, tribal, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Dubstep, Progressive House, Alternative and movie soundtracks.