Influencer Marketing

Posted by antbeatz   on March 9, 2017
When it comes to marketing yourself and your music, creativity is key. In 2017, one of the best ways to get attention to your music is by working with content creators.   People that do podcast, vlogs, tutorials, twerking videos etc. are good ways to get your music noticed byRead More

How To Download Beats To iPhone

Posted by antbeatz   on November 11, 2016
If you have an iPhone like me I’m sure you realized that it’s hard to save beats and other MP3 files on your phone. Apple doesn’t allow you to download mp3s directly, but here’s a great way to download them. Download the app called FileManager from the app store. CopyRead More

How To Grow Your Fan Base Fast

Posted by antbeatz   on November 4, 2016
How To Grow Your Fan Base Fast With music being made so easily now a days, there are a few things artist should focus on overall. Here are some tips on how to grow your fan base fast in 2016. Collaborations Collaborating with other artist is great way to grow yourRead More

The Internet Changed The Music Industry

Posted by antbeatz   on October 29, 2016
The Internet Changed The Music Industry Have you noticed a big change in the music industry lately? Well the internet changed it and how people consume music. In this video I talk about different aspects of the music industry that has changed. This topic is one that needs to beRead More

Nobody’s Sleeping On You

Posted by antbeatz   on March 17, 2016
It’s easy to think that people are sleeping on you. Especially when you compare yourself to others. If you are comparing your likes, your plays, your fans, etc. to others then you are focusing on the wrong things. You have to value the likes, plays, and the fans that youRead More

Theme Based Projects

Posted by antbeatz   on December 30, 2015
Back with another one like Khaled. Basically put, you should drop your projects with some type of theme to them. Make your projects with most of the beats being the SAME GENRE. If you make trap music, drop projects with mostly trap beats. If you are a hip hop artist,Read More

#1 Mistake Artist Make

Posted by antbeatz   on November 26, 2015
If you are really serious about your music and want to live your dreams doing what you love, then you must BRAND yourself. So many artist make the mistake of copying what other artist are doing. You need to build a brand. A brand, basically put, is a consistent messageRead More

Producer vs. Beat Maker

Posted by antbeatz   on October 13, 2015
What is the difference between a producer and a beat maker? Simply put, a beat maker’s specialty is making beats/instrumentals. A beat makers job is to just provide beats. They have very little experience in mixing and arranging tracks. A producer however, can be seen as an advanced beat maker.Read More

Consistently Drop Music

Posted by antbeatz   on October 2, 2015
When it comes to success, you have to consistently put in work to achieve your goals. The same thing with music, the same for ANYTHING. The easiest way to do this is to have a set strategy. If you want to consistently drop projects, make at least 1 song perRead More

Exclusive Beats

Posted by antbeatz   on August 23, 2015
Exclusive beats are usually for signed artist or just the serious artist who have been making music for a while and I really focused on their careers. These rights allow artists to profit as much as they want, as long as they want, and also to have life long assetsRead More