First of all, don’t put your music on iTunes. It is vitally important for you to understand why it’s so important to own your relationship with your fans. There’s two big reason why you shouldn’t put your music on iTunes. The first is that they take a 30% cut off of whatever you sell on their platform. Not cool at all considering the fact that you don’t need them to host your projects. The second big no no is that they keep your fans data and refuse to give it out due to their “private policy”. So by selling your music through them, they basically become the gate keepers of your fan data. iTunes are building a monster database of everybody who’s buying music via their store. You need to be the one collecting fan information, they are YOUR fans not iTunes fans.

Having your own website to sell your music from is the best solution. You keep 100% of your money. At the same time you actually know who’s buying your music and can reach out to them anytime you wish. This is the meat if the music business. There are far too many artist who are struggling with their careers because they simply don’t have access to their consumer insights.

Watch this video below of Ryan Leslie giving his perspective on this topic.

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  1. Good looking on da beats bruh real talk,I hella dig wat u talking on da memo bout not selling shit on barely started out,bruh I need game n I’m reaching out for someone to work with if they dig my rap….check me out bruh Ima drop one on ur beats today tomorrow.have a good one my man n halla at me……good looking again.


    1. just seen this fam.. but yeah im really not trying to say DONT put your music on itunes.. you can have it on there its ok, what im saying essentially is not to direct people to your itunes to make purchases.. you want to have a website where you can direct them to make a purchase at instead.. that way, you keep the data of your customers and get to build a list of those people.. then you could always market back to the people on the list you’ve built with new music and they will more than likely want to buy more of your music.. thats a solid business model, not the itunes route feel me

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