Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

AnTBeatz.com is a place to shop, download and buy licenses to instrumentals.
Our website is secure and safe and checked for viruses and malware on a daily basis. Furthermore, your privacy is protected and any information stored on this website is used solely for our personal use. We will never send out your information to a third party without your consent.
If you need further information, you are more than welcome to contact us at 559antbeatz@gmail.com.

Beat Questions

All beats free beats from my YouTube channel and website are for non-profit use only. No Itunes, Spotify, Tunecore, YouTube monetization etc.! Its not allowed to cut the beat and/or remove voicetags. The purpose is to offer people a pre-listening to decide if the song over my beat(s) is worth to invest in a license! You may upload your songs on youtube, soundcloud, etc. by mentioning AnTBeatz as the producer. Written credit must be given to “AnTBeatz” (e.g. ‘Prod. by AnTBeatz’) in any case. If you do not credit the producer your song may be removed for copyright infringement and a content strike will be placed on your YouTube account.
1. Click +ADD next to the beat(s) you wish to order. 2. Select the license you require. 3. When you are ready to order, click Buy Now in the top right to redirect to PayPal. 4. After payment you will receive the download links to your beats to your PayPal email address (please check your junk mail)
Yes, all tags will be removed after purchase.
A non-exclusive MP3 Lease grants you LIMITED user-rights to a beat and allows you to sell up to 1,000 copies, WAV Lease: 2,500 copies, WAV Trackout Lease: 5,000 copies of your song(s). Purchasing Exclusive Rights grants you UNLIMITED use on any medium! The most important point is that you only gain sole membership by purchasing an Exclusive License and will have the rights to use for radio, TV, Films, Games, etc.! Non-exclusive leases can be sold to more than one person at the same time until the Exclusive rights to that beat have been sold.
These are the individual instrument layers, otherwise known as “Stems,” which comprise of the entire beat. Most of our multi-tracks are broken in to approximately 20-50 layers (e.g. kick drum, snare drum, piano, guitar, sound fx, synth, etc.) giving you or your recording engineer full flexibility in your mix. It is also useful for adding drum drops or additional effects to the instrumental.
Usually you get all files instantly to your paypal email adress after your payment is done. Sometimes it just take some minutes until you get your beats. Wait a few moments and check your inbox again (also your spam folder).
I accept Paypal, major credit cards and bank-transfers. If you have a credit/debit-card or funds on your paypal-account, you can purchase beats through the beatstore or paypal-shopping-carts on my site.
YES! As long as you stay within the leasing terms, you are allowed to use it. Selling Exclusive rights does not affect previous leases.
NO! You are not allowed to resell the beat(s) or transfer your rights of ownership to a third person.

Artist Questions

Please do! It’s always great to hear what artists are doing with the instrumentals. Feel free to send links to your SoundCloud, YouTube videos etc.