1. Simply upload a compressed (zipped) folder at the bottom of this page containing your mixdown in WAV FORMAT ONLY, with NO LIMITERS and peaking at -3db. along with a document containing the Song Title, Artist Name(s), Songwriters Name(s), Producers Name(s), Tempo, Genre, Cover Art, the Service you would like to order & any notes you want to include for the mastering process, including your name & contact information. After you finish, fill out the form and then press send.

2. If your material has been sent correctly you will receive an invoice  by e-mail. PayPal or any Major Credit or Debit card is accepted. Once your payment is received, I will begin to prepare and work on your project while keeping you updated through e-mail.

3. You will receive your Masters within 3 business days. Its that simple! (Depending on my current workload, the turnaround time may be longer. Please speak with me about the turnaround time for your project before making a purchase.


Although its good practice to get a strong signal, don’t let any tracks in your project clip/peak AT ALL & LEAVE YOUR MASTER TRACK EMPTY! (NO LIMITERS, COMPRESSORS OR ANY OTHER EFECTS) . If your Master track is hitting 0.0db, your pushing the levels too much. Getting your songs to PEAK at a maximum of around -3dB gives me headroom to work with your project. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. IF YOUR MASTER TRACK IS LIMITED, NORMALIZED, HITS 0.0 OR CLIPS, I CAN NOT MASTER THE SONG.

If the master track is peaking/clipping above -3db, go back and lower the volume of each track in your project until the master track peaks at around -3db. This is VERY IMPORTANT!

The mastered copy of your song will include a copy in full stereo WAV format with a sample rate of 44.100 KHz and 16 bit sample size for professional CD & iTunes distribution, and a full stereo MP3 format with a 192 kbps bit rate for online MP3 distribution and downloads. including all meta-data and cover art that you include to be embedded.

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