To Correctly Prepare and Send your Material for Mixing / Mixing & Mastering Please CAREFULLY follow ALL of the directions below. Failure to follow the directions may result in you having to re-send your material correctly.

1Create a new folder on your desktop. The name of the folder could be your name or whoever project it is. Within that folder create another folder with the Song Title and then add the song files.

Now you will need to export your stems from your DAW. To properly export the stems from your DAW please scroll to the bottom of the FAQ page (HERE) to find your DAW and follow the easy instructions. (WE WORK WITH STEMS ONLY, PLEASE DO NOT SEND SESSION FILES, YOU WILL HAVE TO GO BACK AND RE-SEND STEMS ONLY)

Once your Stems, Reference Mix & Documents are placed in the folders you created you can now Zip/Compress the folder.

After folder is compressed you can upload your files directly through my site at the bottom, fill out the form and press send. Or you can email them to 559antbeatz@gmail.com.

2. An invoice will be sent to your e-mail. You can pay by Credit / Debit card, PayPal or E-Check. Once your payment is received, we will begin to prepare and work on your project while keeping you updated through e-mail or phone.

3. You will receive your songs first mix within 5 business days. Its that simple! (Depending on our current workload, the turnaround time may be longer or extended after purchase) Please speak with me about the turnaround time for your project before making a purchase. (Expedited service is also available)

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