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1st Place Winner Lox$



2nd Place Gq Da Juice



3rd Place Mr. Real


No. You can either use free beats or beats you purchased. Beats have to be produced by AnTBeatz.
No. You must purchase a license to make a profit.
Yes, you can rap about anything. No restrictions.
Yes. You can submit up to 3 entries.
The top 10 entries will be judged by KimmyBOnTheTrack and myself.
Yes, you can have multiple artist on the track.
If it was used for this contest, yes.
Yes, you can alter the beat however you like.
You can download free beats for the contest here.
Yes. You can use this site to easily make and upload audio videos to a YouTube account.
No, it can be just audio with whatever artwork you like.
This is an online event.

Top 10 Rap Artist

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Contest Submissions

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