Unsigned Artist Guide (2015)

A lot of artist are confused nowadays as to which route they should take when approaching the music industry. The smartest and easiest way is to build a following, to allow your fans to find you. If your anything like me, you would like to make money from your music at the same time your building a following.

I’ve put together an artist guide to successfully build a fanbase and sell your music via online. You will need your own website for this. If you don’t have you i’ve made a post outlining how you can get one here. This is a worldwide approach that will help your fans find you! Everybody has a fanbase out there, you guys just need to find each other.

Here is the unsigned artist guide for 2015.


1. Facebook Ads

You can start out with a budget of $5.00 a day

Will need a Facebook Fan Page

Will NEED to know exactly who your fans are

You can learn about facebook ads here.

  • YouTube – However, you can use YouTube to bring in your traffic


2. Offer A Lead Magnet

Here we want to offer free products/downloads in exchange for their email address. This helps build a list of who likes your music and who came to visit your website. The key is to stay connected with them via email marketing and let them know when you have new music out. You will also be building some kind of relationship with them through your series of vlog videos that you will be sending out every week. You will need an emailing software, i’m currently using Mailchimp.


3. Redirect fans to a thank you/sales page

After you offer the free products/downloads, redirect subscribers to a page where you have a single, EP, or album for sale. This strategy is called a tripwire. Once you gain a fan, they should be redirected to a page where they have to option to purchase something from you at a low cost. Here will determine what kind of fan you have. Some fans will support you more than others.


4. Follow Up & Convert

Here’s where you build a relationship with your fans by sending them inspirational videos, vlog videos, etc. You want to share your knowledge about the things you know and share your insights about popular topics. You also will be selling your music though follow up contacts. Most people will not buy anything from you if they don’t like and trust you. Here’s one of your best chances to do that.

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